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Stress Testing Specialist

Louisiana Heart and Vascular

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Stress testing is an effective way to diagnose existing heart conditions and ensure your heart is healthy enough for exercise. At Louisiana Heart and Vascular in Covington, Louisiana, interventional cardiologist Farhad Aduli, MD, FACC, offers exercise stress testing and nuclear stress testing on-site to better understand the cause of your shortness of breath, chest pain, or other symptoms that may be coming from a heart-related condition. To find out if stress testing is right for you, call Louisiana Heart and Vascular today or request an appointment online now.

Stress Testing Q & A

What is stress testing?

Stress testing measures your heart’s functioning while you engage in physical activity. The faster you exercise, the faster your heart pumps out blood.

You may need stress testing because some conditions are easier to diagnose when your heart is under stress. Dr. Aduli may recommend a stress test if he suspects you have an arrhythmia or coronary artery disease. You may also require testing if you have these or other unexplained symptoms:

  • Chest pain
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Shortness of breath

If you’re currently receiving treatment for heart disease, Dr. Aduli may request stress testing to determine if your treatment is working.

What can I expect during a stress test?

At Louisiana Heart and Vascular, Dr. Aduli offers two types of stress tests: exercise stress test and nuclear stress test.

Exercise stress test

During an exercise stress test, Dr. Aduli attaches several electrode sensors on your chest, arms, and legs. These sensors connect to an electrocardiogram (ECG) that records the electrical activity in your heart.

You can expect to walk on a treadmill to increase your heart rate. If you experience dizziness, chest pain, or other symptoms during the test, you can stop at any time.

Nuclear stress test

During a nuclear stress test, you can expect to lie on an exam table while Dr. Aduli starts an intravenous (IV) line into your arm. Through the IV, he injects a dye that goes into your heart. Using special camera technology, Dr. Aduli scans your heart while it’s at rest.

The procedure continues much like an exercise stress test, where you increase your heart rate by exercising on a treadmill while the ECG records your heart’s activity.

How do I prepare for stress testing?

Prior to your stress testing, Dr. Aduli can advise how to take medications and will likely ask you to not eat or drink for several hours before your procedure.

You should wear comfortable clothing and supportive shoes that won’t interfere with physical exercise.

After your test is complete, Dr. Aduli reviews your results to determine if you need additional diagnostic testing or require treatment for an existing heart condition.

If you have chest pain or changes in your heart rhythm, find out if you need stress testing by calling Louisiana Heart and Vascular. You can also request an appointment through the online booking system today.

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