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Pre-Surgical Evaluations

Louisiana Heart and Vascular

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If you’re getting ready to undergo a surgical procedure, your surgeon likely requires a pre-surgical evaluation (eval) to ensure you have a clean bill of health before surgery. At Louisiana Heart and Vascular in Covington, Louisiana, board-certified interventional cardiologist Farhad Aduli, MD, FACC, offers this service to men and women of all ages. Call the office to book a pre-surgical eval or use the online booking feature today.

Pre-Surgical Evaluations Q & A

What is a pre-surgical eval?

A pre-surgical evaluation is a medical exam you must complete before undergoing surgery. Passing this exam means you’re healthy enough to undergo surgery. It can also detect possible medical problems your surgeon needs to know about before completing a procedure. The main benefit of pre-surgical evals is a lower risk of complications during surgery.

What should I expect during pre-surgical evaluations?

During a pre-surgical eval, your Louisiana Heart and Vascular specialist weighs you and determines your body mass index (BMI). They check your temperature, pulse, blood pressure, or other vital signs.

Dr. Aduli completes a physical exam to evaluate your overall health. He checks your breathing, heartbeat, eyes, ears, throat, abdomen, and reflexes.

You may undergo blood tests, urine tests, heart-function or lung-function testing, X-rays, or other imaging procedures as part of your pre-surgical eval. 

After Dr. Aduli completes a pre-surgical eval and receives the results of your diagnostic tests, he reviews them with you.

He also completes your pre-surgical evaluation form and sends it to your surgeon. He gives you a copy to keep for your records and lets you know what you can expect next.

What if I don’t pass a pre-surgical eval?

If you have a medical problem that makes it unsafe to undergo surgery, you likely still have options. You might need to recover from an illness, lose weight, take medications, avoid certain medicines, or complete another treatment to manage a medical problem before surgery

What should I expect after surgery?

After surgery, it’s essential to get plenty of rest and take medications as directed by your medical provider.

You can meet with Dr. Aduli for follow-up care to ensure optimal recovery, receive preventive care and physicals, or better manage a chronic disease. 

He offers primary care services in addition to heart and vascular care to keep you as healthy as possible before, during, and after surgery. Follow up with him as needed if you have questions about your recovery or if you’re due for an annual wellness exam.

To book a pre-surgical eval at Louisiana Heart and Vascular, call the office or use the online booking feature today.