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DOT Physicals

Louisiana Heart and Vascular

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Do you need a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical for your job that includes driving a commercial vehicle? If so, the experts at Louisiana Heart and Vascular in Covington, Louisiana, can help. Board-certified interventional cardiologist Farhad Aduli, MD, FACC, is certified to complete DOT physicals to help you meet your job-duty requirements and maintain a commercial driver’s license. Call the office to schedule a DOT physical or use the online booking feature today.

DOT Physicals Q & A

What are DOT physicals?

DOT physicals are medical exams that determine whether you’re healthy enough to operate a commercial motor vehicle safely. Many job positions require DOT exams as a condition of employment. Dr. Aduli is certified to complete these exams and has many years of experience.

What should I bring with me to DOT physicals?

When you arrive at Louisiana Heart and Vascular for DOT exams, make sure to bring with you the following:

  • List of medications
  • List of vaccinations
  • Driver’s license
  • DOT physical exam form
  • Form of payment
  • Insurance card if you have one

Be prepared to discuss your medical history during your appointment. 

What happens during DOT physicals?

During DOT physicals, your specialist usually completes the following:

Vital signs check

They weigh you, determine your body mass index (BMI), and check your blood pressure, pulse, and other vital signs.

Medical history review

Our providers review your family history of disease, personal medical history, medications, symptoms, and lifestyle habits. 

Physical exam

During a physical exam, our providers evaluate your eyes, ears, heartbeat, breathing, abdomen, limbs, reflexes, and more. 

Diagnostic testing

The diagnostic tests needed may include blood tests, urine tests, heart- and lung-function tests, and vision and hearing screenings. You might also need an imaging procedure.


You may need treatment before passing a DOT physical if you have a medical condition. Our providers offer medication prescriptions and other treatments, as well as specialist referrals if you have a specific medical problem, vision impairment, or hearing impairment. They also provide vaccines deferred to local pharmacies.

What happens after my physical?

If you’re in good health and pass your drug test, our providers sign off on your DOT physical exam form. He sends a copy of the appropriate paperwork to the Department of Transportation and Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) and gives you a copy to keep for your records. 

How often do I need DOT physicals?

Most of the time, you’re required to complete DOT physicals every two years, or sometimes more often if you have an underlying medical condition like diabetes. Our providers are here for you, whether it’s your first DOT physical exam or you’re due for a follow-up examination.

To schedule a DOT physical at Louisiana Heart and Vascular, book an appointment by phone or request one online today.