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Cardiology Consultation Specialist

Louisiana Heart and Vascular

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If you have a family history of heart disease or you’ve experienced unusual symptoms that relate to your heart health, schedule a personalized cardiology consultation with interventional cardiologist Farhad Aduli, MD, FACC. Dr. Aduli offers comprehensive evaluations and preventive services for cardiac and vascular conditions at Louisiana Heart and Vascular in Covington, Louisiana. He uses the latest diagnostic testing technologies to identify the root cause of your chest pain and other symptoms to ensure you get the treatment you need right away. Book a cardiology consultation online or call the practice today.

Cardiology Consultation Q & A

Why do I need a cardiology consultation?

You may need a cardiology consultation if you have unexplained symptoms like dizziness or chest pain that may relate to an underlying heart condition. 

Dr. Aduli and the Louisiana Heart and Vascular team offer comprehensive cardiology consultations to diagnose the cause of your symptoms.

They also offer preventive care services that focus on reducing your risk for heart disease, heart attack, and vascular complications if you have a family history or other risk factors for cardiology issues.

You can schedule a cardiology consultation if you experience heart-related symptoms that need a diagnosis or if your primary care physician suspects you have an underlying heart condition that needs treatment.

What can I expect during a cardiology consultation?

During your initial cardiology consultation, Dr. Aduli takes the time to review your personal and family medical histories. This helps him pinpoint potential issues that can increase your risk for heart or vascular diseases and disorders.

Depending on your existing health and whether you have symptoms, Dr. Aduli may request bloodwork or a chest X-ray. He also offers other advanced diagnostic tests on-site to evaluate your overall heart and vascular health. They include:

  • Stress testing
  • Carotid ultrasound
  • Arterial ultrasounds
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • Abdominal aorta ultrasound

You may also be a candidate for Holter and event monitoring that involves wearing a portable ECG device to record your heart’s activity over the course of several hours or several weeks.

What happens if I have a heart condition?

If the results of your diagnostic test show you have an existing heart condition or that you’re at increased risk for a stroke, heart attack, or other complication, Dr. Aduli works closely with you to create the right treatment plan.

Because he treats a variety of underlying heart conditions, Dr. Aduli is highly experienced in customizing your care plan to your needs. 

He offers a full range of treatment options including medications and minimally invasive procedures to relieve your symptoms and help prevent a worsening of your condition.

To schedule a cardiology consultation with Dr. Aduli, call Louisiana Heart and Vascular or request an appointment through the online booking system today.

We see patients from the following surrounding cities: Covington, Mandeville, and Slidell, LA. Call us to book your appointment today.