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3 Important Points About Erectile Dysfunction

3 Important Points About Erectile Dysfunction

You’ve been struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED), and your sex life has suffered as a result. You’re in very good company, as more than half of men in the United States have some experience with ED. This point is the first that we want to make about ED — you’re not alone — and there are some other points as well.

To help take some of the mystery out of ED, Dr. Farhad Aduli and our team here at Louisiana Heart and Vascular take a look at this common sexual dysfunction issue. More specifically, we present three points we wish every man knew about ED.

1. It’s more common than you think

We already touched on the first point we want to make about ED — it’s very common. Research shows that about 52% of men in the United States experience ED, and the numbers tend to rise in lockstep with age. For example, about 40% of men in their 40s have it, and about 70% of men in their 70s have it.

However, while age can play a significant role in ED, it can strike men of all ages. Due to health concerns, such as stress, anxiety, and high blood pressure, more than one-quarter of men under age 40 encounter ED.

Our point here is that, since ED isn’t exactly a common topic of conversation, you may not understand just how commonplace the issue is among your peers.

2. There are many roads to ED

If you consider all that goes into achieving and maintaining an erection, you realize that ED can stem from any number of issues. An erection is far from simple, and it involves the following areas:

A problem in any one of these areas can result in ED.

Due to the many potential culprits, it’s important that you seek our help, so we can identify the underlying problem and get you on the road to better sexual health.

3. There are solutions for ED

The last point we want to make about ED is that there are a number of solutions. Depending on what we find during your evaluation, we can design the appropriate treatment plan for remedying your ED. For example, if we find that you have lower-than-normal testosterone levels, we can turn to hormone replacement therapy.

Or, if we find that your cardiovascular health is hampering your ability to achieve and maintain an erection, we can prescribe medications to help improve the blood flow to your penis. 

In addition, certain lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking and exercising more may make a big difference in your sexual health.

The first step toward getting back to a healthy sex life is to book an appointment online or over the phone with Louisiana Heart and Vascular today. We’re located in Covington and Franklinton, Louisiana, and we also serve patients from Mandeville, Hammond, and Slidel.

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